How to Add Moonriver to Metamask In 2023 [5 DETAILED Steps]

Adding Tokens to Metamask can be intimidating with all the technicalities involved, but don't worry, we got you covered.

Today, I’ll show you exactly (In 5 DETAILED Steps) how to add Moonriver to metamask wallet in just a few clicks!

Here is what you’ll learn:

1. A 5 Simple and DETAILED Step-by-Step Process for Adding Moonriver to Metamask.

2. Where to store Moonriver safely


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Following the success of Kusama, Moonriver parachain took the crypto world by storm when it achieved its all-time high (~$459) in 2021.

Moonriver was implemented as a parachain on Kusama in June 2021. It was created as an experimental blockchain platform to allow developers to test their dApps under real-world economic conditions and in an interoperable and scalable framework.

In other words, Moonriver is a “canary network” that provides EVM compatibility to developers that want to test their dApps before deploying them on Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible platform built on Polkadot. 

How to Add Moonriver to Metamask?

This is the information you need to add Moonriver to your Metamask wallet:

  • Network Name: Moonriver
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 1285
  • Symbol: MOVR
  • Block Explorer (Optional):

Note: To interact with the Moonriver ecosystem, ensure you are on the Moonriver Network.

Sinple isn’t it?

If you want a DETAILED, step-by-step guide here’s what we’ll cover:


  1. Can I add Moonriver to Metamask?
  2. Add Moonriver to Metamask in 5 SIMPLE And DETAILED Steps
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs
    1. Can you send moonriver to Metamask?
    2. What is the chain ID for Moonriver Metamask?
    3. What wallet can hold Moonriver?

1. Can I add Moonriver to Metamask?

Yes. Moonriver can be easily added to Metamask. Moonriver is designed to provide a real-world EVM-compatible testing network.

Moonriver is an EVM-compatible network that provides full EVM implementation, a web-3 compatible API, and bridges connecting Moonriver to Ethereum-compatible networks. It allows Ethereum-based smart contracts to be migrated into the Kusama ecosystem.

Its native token is MOVR. MOVR is an ERC-20 token used to pay for transaction fees, vote for proposals (governance) and support the gas metering of smart contract execution. 

2. Add Moonriver in 5 Simple and Detailed Steps

This section will show how to add Moonriver network and its native token (MOVR) to your Metamask Wallet. When you add the Moonriver Network, MOVR will be added automatically for you. 

Before You Start: 

  • Ensure you have a computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  • Ensure you have a web3 crypto wallet like Metamask installed on your browser wallet extension or mobile device (iOS or Android).
NOTE: If you haven’t installed Metamask wallet on your browser or mobile devices please head to the Metamask official website, download the application and create a wallet. Always keep your recovery phrase in a safe place. 

Without further ado, here is my 5 DETAILED Step Process.

STEP 1: Unlock Your Metamask Wallet

The first step is to unlock our Metamask browser extension or mobile Android/iOS device. Click the browser extension (or mobile app) and enter your secure password in the box.

Unlock Metamask Wallet

STEP 2: Click on the Network Dropdown Box

When you unlock your wallet, you’ll see the name of your default network (E.g., Ethereum Mainnet) as well as a dropdown arrow. Click that option to see a list of all your available networks.

Network Dropdown Box
Note: On mobile devices, select the hamburger menu.

STEP 3: Click Add Network Button

At the bottom of your list of available networks, you’ll see an Add Network Button. Hit this button to add a new network to Metamask.

Network Dropdown Menu )

Note: On mobile devices, go to Settings and Select Networks

STEP 4: Click on “Add Network Manually”

Following that, you’ll see a screen with the option to automatically add other networks. Unfortunately, Moonriver Network is not on that list. So, we will need to add it manually.

Add a Network Manually
Note: On mobile devices, Click on “Add Network.” 

STEP 5: Input Moonriver RPC Custom Details and Save

The final step is to input the RPC network details. RPC (remote procedure call) is a URL that allows you to connect to a server node (for example, the Moonriver server) and interact with that Blockchain.

Note: On mobile devices switch to custom networks and fill up the Moonriver RPC Metamask Details. Then, click “Add.” 

What is Moonriver RPC Details?

Moonriver Mainnet

Moonriver Mainnet Info: 

  • Network Name: Moonriver
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 1285
  • Symbol: MOVR
  • Block Explorer (Optional):

Adding Moonriver Block Explorer URL is optional, but it is always a good idea to fill out all of the information and know where to verify all Moonriver blockchain transactions.

Note: Alternatively, you can use our guide: Add Network to Metamask Automatically [IN ONE CLICK] to add any network (automatically) to your Metamask wallet.

3. Conclusion

Moonriver took the world by storm in 2021. Moonriver is a “sister network” to the Polkadot-based Moonbeam smart contract platform. It serves as a “canary network,” where code is tested (under real-world conditions) before being deployed to Moonbeam.

Moonriver is built on the Kusama Blockchain. It allows developers to test their dApps while leveraging the power of Ethereum in a real setting.

We have seen how to add Moonriver to Metamask. It is as simple as manually adding the network using the appropriate custom RPC details.

We hope you enjoyed this guide! Check our FAQs if you would like to know more!

4. FAQs

Can you send moonriver to Metamask?

Yes. Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible network that can be connected to Metamask.

To send Moonriver to Metamask you can use leading centralized exchanges like Binance or Bitget or Moonriver-compatible wallets like Ledger or Trezor

The chain ID to connect Metamask to Moonriver is 1285

You can store Moonriver on leading Hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X and Trezor T. Also, you can use online (software) wallets like Metamask and Fearless Wallet.

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