How to Add Palm to Metamask [In 5 CRAZY EASY Steps]

“HOW THE F**K DO I ADD A NETWORK TO METAMASK!!!!” Every crypto beginner since the dawn of time.

Don’t worry, I only need 2 minutes to show you how to add Palm to Metamask securely. It’s easier than you think.

Here is what you’ll learn:

1. A 5 Simple and DETAILED Step-by-Step Process for Adding Palm Network to Metamask automatically

2. A 5 Step process to add Palm Network to Metamask Manually

3. How to GET Palm Token + Lots MORE!

Let’s DO IT!

Palm Network is a fast-growing, under-the-radar blockchain that has over 1 million wallet addresses and over 4 million transactions. Pretty good huh?

Palm Network is essentially an Ethereum-compatible NFT network that is becoming the go-to network for culture and creativity

It aims to serve as the foundation of a new scalable and sustainable ecosystem for NFTs. It has low fees, fast transaction finality, and is 99% more efficient than most PoW Blockchains. 

If you are wondering how to add Palm to Metamask (to your Desktop and Mobile devices), this guide is for you! 

How to Add Palm to Metamask?

The Palm Network is an Ethereum-compatible (EVM) blockchain that can be added to Metamask in different ways.

Here’s the 5-Step Process:

STEP 1. Go to

STEP 2. Click on Add Network (Under Palm Network)

STEP 3. Unlock your Metamask Wallet & Connect Account

STEP 4. Click on “Approve” Network

STEP 5. Switch Default Network to Palm Network

Note: You can add Palm Network manually by using custom RPC points. If you prefer to do it manually, we’ll supply the necessary information below. 

Sinple isn’t it?

If you want a DETAILED, step-by-step guide here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. How to add Palm Network to Metamask in 5 DETAILED Steps
    1. Automatically: Via App.palm
    2. Manually: Custom RPC Points
  2. How do I get a Palm Token?
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs
    1. How do you transfer Palm NFT to Metamask?
    2. Is Palm an ERC20?

1. How to Add Palm Network to Metamask

Palm Network is essentially a sidechain that is built by and for the Ethereum Ecosystem. Its EVM compatibility (same programming language) makes it possible to add Palm to Metamask straight off the bat. 

To connect to the Palm Network via Metamask you need the right custom RPC points: network name, New RPC URL, Chain ID, and Currency symbol. 

There are two options for adding these details to Metamask: 

We will cover them both. Pick a method from the tab to start interacting with Palm NFT dApps and smart contracts!

How to Add Palm Network via App.Palm

App.Palm is the official Palm website that helps users to connect to Palm Network automatically. You just need to connect your wallet and approve the network or token. It also verifies the accuracy of the information and custom RPC points.

To use Palm Website follow the steps below: 

STEP 1: Go to Website

The first thing we need to do is go to Before connecting to any site ensure that the URL is correct. 

STEP 2: Click on Add Network (Under Palm Network)

You can either connect your wallet by clicking on the upper right corner where it says [Connect Wallet] or click “Add Network” under Add the Palm Network. 

I will use the [Add Network] button. Click [Add Network]  

Go to Palm Website

STEP 3: Unlock your Metamask Wallet

The next step is to unlock your Metamask wallet browser extension and select the account you want to use (tick the account button). Then, click on [Next] and [Connect]

Unlock Metamask Wallet

Note: We have assume that you already have the Metamask wallet installed and the recovery phrase (seed phrase) safe. Otherwise follow this link. 

STEP 4: Click on “Approve” Network

After the connection has been established it is time to add the Palm Network. 

To Add the Palm Network just “allow this site to add a network” by clicking on [Approve]. 

Approve Network

STEP 5: Switch Default Network to Palm

Finally, switch your default network (E.g., Ethereum Mainnet) to Palm to connect to the Palm Mainnet.

Switch Network

Step 6 (Optional): You can add the DAI stablecoin token automatically to your wallet. DAI is used extensively on the Palm Network to bridge (transfer) ERC-20 tokens between Palm and Ethereum. 

For more info check our guide on How to Add Dai to Metamask [5 Steps that work like a Charm]

How to add Palm to your Metamask Manually

The second approach is to manually add the Palm Mainnet by using the correct custom RPC points. This is the most common.

The process is slightly different from method one. To use the manual option, follow these steps:

Note:  If you wish to add it on your mobile device (Android or iOS) follow the “Notes” below. 

STEP 1: Unlock your Metamask Wallet

The first step is to unlock your Metamask browser extension or mobile Android/iOS device. Click the browser extension (or mobile app) and enter your secure password in the box.

Unlock Metamask Wallet

STEP 2: Click on the Network Dropdown Box & Add Network

When you unlock your wallet, you’ll see the name of your default network as well as a dropdown arrow. Click that option to see a list of all your available networks.

Then, click on Add Network button.

Network Dropdown Menu )

Note: On mobile devices, select the hamburger menu.

STEP 3: Click on “Add a Network Manually”

Following that, you’ll see a screen with the option to automatically add other networks. Fortunately, Palm Mainnet is on that list. You can click on Palm or [Add a Network Manually]

For the sake of this exercise, we will add the network manually via custom RPC points. Click on [Add Network Manually].

Add a Network Manually
Note: On mobile devices, Click on “Add Network.” 

STEP 4: Input Palm RPC Custom Details

The final step is to input the RPC Network details. RPC (remote procedure call) is a URL that allows you to connect to a server node (for example, the Palm server) and interact with that Blockchain.

Palm RPC Details

Note: On mobile devices switch to custom networks and fill up the RPC Custom Details. Then, click “Add.” 

Fill in: 

  • Network name: Palm Network
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 11297108109
  • Currency symbol:  PALM
  • Block explorer URL(Optional):

Adding Palm Blockchain Explorer is optional, but it is always a good idea to fill out all of the information and know where to verify all Palm blockchain transactions

Click on “Save” and Voilá the Metamask network has been changed to Palm.

Now you are ready to interact with the Palm NFT Platform!

2. How Do I GET Palm Token?

Recently, many people have asked me how to get Palm Tokens as they cannot find any portal to buy them directly. I asked myself the same question the first time. 

Palm is the native token of the Palm Network that is issued to pay transaction fees and execute smart contracts on the Palm Blockchain. 

But here’s the confusion, you CANNOT buy PALM tokens! 

Are you KIDDING me? How do I get PALM tokens then?

There are three ways to acquire them: 

  1. Via Request Form: This is probably the easiest one. You can request PALM Testnet or Mainnet tokens by filling out this form.
  2. Via Token Bridge: If you transfer assets (DAI, ERC-20 tokens, or NFTs) from Ethereum to Palm, the bridge will “gift” you a small amount of PALM.
  3. Via Purchasing DAI or NFTs on Palm: Another way to get Palm Tokens is by using Palm network’s fiat onramp to purchase DAI stablecoins. You can also get PALM tokens if you buy NFTs from Palm-supported projects. To buy DAI on Palm follow this LINK.  
Note: To Add and Send DAI to Metamask check our guide: How to Add DAI to Metamask [5 steps that work like a Charm]

2. Conclusion

Palm is a fast-growing project that aims to revolutionize the NFT space. Its aim is to provide a scalable, affordable, and sustainable platform for NFTs. To date, more than 3 Million NFTs have been minted on the Palm network

We have seen two ways to add Palm to Metamask Wallet. Automatically via App Palm and Manually via “Custom RPC Endpoints.”

Here’s a quick reminder on how to add Palm network to Metamask automatically: 

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on Add Network (Under Palm Network)
  • Step 3: Unlock your Metamask Wallet & Connect Account
  • Step 4: Click on “Approve” Network
  • Step 5: Switch Default Network to Palm Network

You’ve also learned how to get PALM tokens. You have learned that there are three different ways to get PALM tokens: Requesting a Form, Bridging Tokens, or purchasing DAI or NFTs on the Palm’s Network. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide! Check our FAQs if you would like to know more!

3. FAQs

How do you transfer Palm NFT to Metamask?

To transfer NFTs from any wallet to Metamask follow these steps: 

  1. Find the NFT Contract on the Palm Explorer (E.g., The Currency)
  2. Connect Metamask Wallet
  3. Find Function 9 (SafeTransferFrom)
  4. Enter Wallet Address that holds the NFT
  5. Enter the recipient’s Wallet Address (Metamask Address)
  6. Input NFT number (TokenID field)
  7. Click “Write” to Start the Transfer
  8. Wait for Confirmation
  9. Check the NFT on your Metamask Wallet

Yes, (PALM) is an ERC-20-compatible token built by and for the open Ethereum Ecosystem. ERC-20 Addresses start with “0” and “x.” 

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