How To Buy Luna Rush (LUS) [In 3 Detailed Steps]

Tired of vague guides that leave you in the dark? guessing?

Today I'll show you exactly (In 3 DETAILED Steps) how and where to buy Luna Rush (LUS).

Here is what you'll learn:

1. My 3-Step Process to buy Luna Rush (LUS) - In a CEX and a DEX

2. How to keep your Luna Rush crypto SAFE

3. Is Luna Rush a good investment? LUS Token Analysis + lots more

Let's dive right in.

I remember how INTIMIDATING it was to invest in my first play-to-earn game.

Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) exchanges, crypto wallets (software and hardware), NFTs with different rarity levels, minting, metaverse, limit and market orders, whitepapers, tokenomics, diamond/paper hands … What the HECK?

Overwhelmed? DON’T Worry!

In this guide, we will break everything down for you.

How to Buy Luna Rush (LUS)

Want to jump straight to the answer? Here’s my 3-Step process:

  • STEP 1: Choose a Fiat-to-crypto exchange

    Sign up for an exchange that offers fiat-to-crypto purchases.
    CEX Route: We recommend Gate.IO for non-US residents.
    DEX Route: We recommend Binance (non-US) and CEX.IO (US) to purchase BNB.
    Alternatives: Use a non-custodial fiat-to-crypto exchange such as Changelly.
  • STEP 2: Buy a Crypto Paired with Luna Rush

    Luna Rush (LUS) is paired with Tether (USDT) and Wrapped BNB (WBNB). Buy USDT if you want to use a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Buy BNB if you prefer a Decentralized exchange (DEX).
  • STEP 3: Buy Luna Rush (LUS) in a supporting Exchange

    We recommend Gate.IO (CEX) for Non-US residents. If you are a US resident, PancakeSwap (DEX) is your choice.
  • STEP 4 (Bonus): Keep your Luna Rush Token safe

    This step is often overlooked. “Not your keys, Not your coins.” Keeping your coins in an exchange is never wise (see the recent FTX collapse). The best hardware wallet for Luna Rush is SafePal. Alternative options are Ledger NX and Trezor T.

NOTE: If you want a DETAILED description of the process. Keep on reading!

Where to Buy Luna Rush (LUS)?

We recommend the following crypto exchanges:



Payment Methods:
Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer (SEPA & SWIFT), P2P, ACH, Wire.

Flat 0.20%

Account Minimum:
~$1 minimum



Payment Methods:
Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer (SEPA & SWIFT),ACH, Skrill, Epay.


Account Minimum:
~$20 minimum

Best DEX


Payment Methods:


Account Minimum:
NONE (Wallet Needed)

Note*: CEX.IO doesn’t support Luna LUS directly. However, US residents can purchase BNB to trade it for Luna Rush token on pancakeswap.

We believe that Luna Rush (LUS) is a crypto gem for a long-term investment in a rising market, with an experienced company developing the project. Luna Rush secured a total of ~$2M in the seed phase (partnership + private sale) from more than 30 partners such as X21 Digital, BSCStation, Launch Zone, and Infinity Pad. 

This is a quick explanation of how to buy Luna Rush token. If you want a DETAILED, step-by-step guide to Luna Rush (LUS) and the buying process, here’s what we’ll cover:

1. What is Luna Rush (LUS)?

Luna Rush (LUS) is the blockchain‘s biggest idle RPG game. It’s essentially an NFT role-playing game featuring female anime characters fighting with flamboyant effects and unique weapons to level up and raise their powers. You can earn cryptocurrency (LUS) or obtain unique NFT objects with its play-to-earn model.

What makes Luna Rush unique?

Luna Rush combines elements of other popular Vietnamese play-to-earn games, such as Axie Infinity, with distinctive characteristics and female anime characters.

Here are a few unique features:

  • Anime Graphic Style: Luna Rush features warriors in anime style. There are 11 female warriors with seven rarity levels and skills (health, endurance, strength, and agility), each with their own background story. You can increase them by learning more skills, gathering more weapons, and raising more pets. 
  • The game is live: Unlike other play-to-earn and metaverse games with lots of promises and a whitepaper, you can play Luna Rush right now and see for yourself. Luna Rush is a valuable product with a substantial fan base.
  • Play-to-earn standard model: Luna Rush displays a standard play-to-earn model in which you have to acquire 1-3 warriors first (45 LUS = ~ 0.377575 USD in June 2022) before you can participate. You can win prizes in the form of cryptocurrencies (LUS) and unique NFTs with three main gameplay modes:

    • Boss Battle/Hunt: You can bring one to three warriors to a boss hunt and unlock rewards (e.g., mLus that can be converted to LUS). 
    • PvP Mode: Take your warriors to the arena to compete with other players for rewards in the form of tokens, special trophies (leaderboard), or experience points to buy unique skills and weapons. In the future (Q4/2022), PVP 3v3 game mode will be available. 
    • Tournament Mode: Join the world tournament and become the strongest warrior. Warriors must reach a specific level to compete in tournament mode.

  • NFTs: Warriors, items, and land represent unique NFTs that you can mint, buy/sell, rent, or summon in the game store. 
  • Luna Rush Metaverse: Luna Rush will introduce metaverse-like elements such as 6000 land plots that can be used for quests and collect fees for renting them out.  
  • Top-notch Team: Computer scientist Thai Ngo has been leading Helios Entertainment, the company behind the game, with a Vietnamese development team composed of six core members. Luna Rush is backed by major blockchain players like X21 Digital, BSCStation, and Infinity Pad.

Here’s a sneak peek at the game!

Name: Luna Rush (LUS)
Official Website:
Token Contract Address: 0xde301d6a2569aefcfe271b9d98f318baee1d30a4
How is the Luna Rush Network Secured?: Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB Chain)
Altcoin Type: GameFi
Roadmap: Click here
Whitepaper: Click here
Community: Telegram ; Twitter ; Youtube ; Discord
Luna Rush Browser Game Version: Click Here

2. Buy Luna Rush (LUS) in 3 DETAILED Steps

In this section, I will walk you through the entire process step by step. I’ll answer the following questions:

  • WHERE to buy Luna Rush? There are two ways to purchase Luna Rush (LUS):

    • Centralized exchanges (CEX): Centralized crypto exchanges are also called custodial because they hold the keys to your funds. It is more suitable for beginners as the UX is better and the process is simpler.
    • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX): Decentralized crypto exchanges are also called non-custodial because you hold the keys to your funds at all times. You will need a software or hardware wallet to connect to the exchange. It is a bit more complicated because the UX is still not there.

  • HOW to buy Luna Rush on an altcoin exchange? The exact steps to buy LUS (in both ways)
  • How to keep your Luna Rush token safe? Keeping your coins in an exchange is never wise. “Not your keys, Not your crypto.”

    • PRO TIP: If you don’t want your coins STOLEN (either by human mismanagement or by online hackers), get a hardware wallet (like Safepal, Ledger, or Trezor T.).

I will not leave any stone unturned (If you are new, DON’T WORRY!)

STEP 1 – Sign UP for GATE.IO is one of the world’s top ten cryptocurrency exchanges with over 1300 digital currencies and untapped altcoins. is one of the oldest Chinese exchanges.

It was founded in 2013 and has gained a solid reputation for its services and strong security measures. It has decent platform fees (0.2%) with huge discounts and privileges for GateToken Holders. offers products such as spot trading, leverage trading, leveraged ETF, futures trading, quantitative trading, staking, crypto loans, and liquidity mining. Due to recent changes in the regulatory climate in the United States, no longer provides any services to the U.S or Canada. 

To create a account follow these steps:

How to Sign Up Gate.IO

How to open a Gate.IO Account

Step 2. Register with your email address. Create a password. Input your country of residence and check “I certify that I am 18 years of age or older. Read and agree to the User Agreement Privacy Policy” and click “Create Account.”

Step 3. You will receive an email to activate your account. Click on the link provided to activate your account and log in. You will be emailed a code; input it and you are in!

Step 4. It is recommended that you go through the KYC process to rise your limits as well as enable google authenticator. Click on “KYC Now.”

Step 5-6. will encourage you to install Google Authenticator (TOTP). Select Google Authenticator and “click here” to enable Two-factor Authenticator.

To install 2FA, select the options on the screen; if you want to use the browser extension, add it to your browser here. Scan the QR code with your Google authenticator, then click “Send Email code.” Then enter your 6-digit Google authenticator code to enable two-factor authentication.

Step 7. At the bottom of your page click on “KYC Now” again and click on “Verify Now” (below individual). Enter your basic information, upload your ID and confirm it.

Step 8. Wait for a confirmation email saying “Your account has passed KYC certification!” and you are set!

Note: It is suggested that you set a fund password to secure your assets while trading. Click Setup at the top of your screen, where it reads “please setup fund password.” As you can see,’s security measures are excellent.

STEP 2 – Buy USDT on GATE.IO supports fiat-to-crypto transactions with a variety of payment methods: Credit/Debit Card for quick transactions, Bank Transfers (SEPA & SWIFT), Wire, and P2P with multiple options (Revolut, Wise, BBVA, Skrill, etc).

How to Buy USDT on

How to buy USDT on Gate.IO

Step 1: Next to logo hover over Buy Crypto and select Credit Card for instant purchases. 

Step 2: Enter your fiat currency amount in the Buy With Fiat Currency box, and then pick USDT in the Currency Purchased box. Choose your selected service provider, check the disclaimer box, and then press the “Purchase” button.

Step 3: You will be taken to the service provider’s website, where you will enter your information and make the purchase.

Step 4: That’s it! You have purchased USDT!

STEP 3 – Buy Luna Rush on GATE.IO provides a trading platform for both beginners (standard) and experienced (professional) traders. If you are a beginner, the standard option will be easier to understand.

How to buy Luna Rush (LUS) on

Buy LUS on

Step 1: At exchange, hover over Trade > Spot Trading and select Standard

Step 2: Search for LUS and click on LUS_USDT

Step 3: Below the chart is the Spot Trading panel with multiple order options (Limit Order, Grid Trading, and Time Condition).To purchase LUS Token, first select the Last Price (the top number on the order book sell-side, in red).

Step 4: Then click the “down arrow” above the Buy (USDT – LUS) button and enter the percentage of your USDT account balance that you are comfortable investing/trading. When you’re ready, press the “Buy button (USDT -> LUS)” and “confirm your order.” 

Note: Simply put, a Limit order allows you to place an order at a specific price or better to set better entries and take-profit targets. By selecting the last price (sell-side) in the Order Book, you are informing the broker that you will not pay a price greater than the last ask (offer) price.

Furthermore, because it is in the Order Book, you may be certain that someone is willing to sell LUS at that price. However, because you have placed a limit order, if the order book finds a better (cheaper) price, your order will be executed at that price (as often happens).

If you want to use a decentralized exchange (DEX), the process is a little more complicated. DON’T Worry, we’ve broken everything down for you step by step below.


PancakeSwap is a well-established decentralized exchange native to BNB Chain with competitive trading fees (0.25%). On PancakeSwap, you can earn passive income by depositing crypto into a liquidity pool (yield farming), provide liquidity to a DeFi protocol (liquidity mining), and pledging your coins to support a PoS blockchain (staking). PancakeSwap also offers an NFT marketplace.

PancakeSwap, unlike centralized exchanges (CEX), does not hold user funds. So, the first thing you’ll need is a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are two types of crypto wallets:

  • Software (Online) Wallets: Software wallets are connected to the internet and are useful to move funds quickly. We recommend Metamask (browser) or Trust Wallet (mobile).
  • Hardware (Offline) Wallets: Hardware wallets are the most secure way to store your coins and keep them away from hackers. The best hardware wallets for storing LUS tokens are SafePal, Ledger Nano X, and Trezor T (see Step 4).

We will go over the steps for Metamask, one of the most popular software wallets. Remember to keep your crypto assets safe with a cold (offline) hardware wallet.

STEP 1: Download & Install Metamask
How to install and donwload Metamask

Step 0: To get started, please install the Metamask Wallet for google chrome: chrome extension Link or mobile: iOS; Android. The application is completely free. 

Step 1: Click on the app extension (fox symbol) first and click on “get started”

Step 2: Click on “Create a Wallet”

Step 3: Click on “No thanks” or “I agree.” This is all up to you.

Step 4: Create a password, confirm it, tick the box that says “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use” and click on “create.”

Step 5: Watch the video about your Secret Recovery Phrase and click on “next.”

Step 6: Securely back up your 12-word recovery phrase. Keep it safe on a password manager or old pen and paper as Metamask cannot recover this phrase for you. After that click on “next.”

Step 7: Confirm your secret recovery phrase (in order) and click on “confirm.”

Step 8: Congratulations! You are set!

How to buy BNB on Changelly

STEP 1: Once you’ve created a Metamask wallet, the next step is to add the BNB chain to Metamask. By default, you have the Ethereum Mainnet; click on it and then click the “add networks” button (copy the data exactly as you see below). Close the window and select the Smart Chain Network.

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

STEP 2: After that, it is time to buy BNB. Ensure you buy more BNBs as some portion will go to fees to pay the network (BNB Chain).

You can use a non-custodial exchange like Changelly and follow this link to purchase BNB (BSC). No KYC is needed, just your wallet address*.

*In Metamask, the wallet address is under your account name (initial page). Ensure you are on the right network (Smart Chain). Easy, RIGHT?

Or you can sign up to CEX.IO or Binance (Non-US).

  • CEX.IO: Follow this link > Choose BNB > Select fiat currency and amount > Hit Buy > Add new Card > Click on Proceed. 
  • Binance: Go to buy crypto > click on debit/credit card > Select BNB (on receive box) > select fiat currency and amount > Add new card > click on continue

If you use CEX.IO or Binance please withdraw your BNB to your Metamask wallet. Follow the steps below:

  • CEX.IO: Spot Trading > Select Finance > Search for BNB > Click on Withdraw > Input your BNB amount > enter your crypto wallet address > tick T&C’s > Click on Withdraw. 
  • Binance: Go to wallet > fiat & spot > Next to BNB click on Withdraw > input metamask wallet > select BSC (BEP20) > withdrawal amount > Click Withdraw

Tada! Your BNB is now ready to be traded into LUS in your wallet!

This step is crucial! Scammers use fake websites to steal your coins. Before connecting your wallet, make sure you’re on the official DEX website, or you risk losing your funds. 

Never share your seed phrases or private keys with anyone! Keep your coins safe with a cold/hardware wallet!

You may potentially receive “spam tokens” in your wallet. Do not transact with such tokens, or you risk having your wallet compromised (aka hacked).
How to connect Metamask to PancakeSwap

Connecting your Metamask Wallet to PancakeSwap is simple. Click on “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner, then select Metamask Wallet from the list. Enter your Metmask password and unlock your wallet. Once you are in, select the account (s) to use on this site, click on “Next” and “Connect.”

How to Buy LUS on PancakeSwap

Step 0: You must add the Luna Rush crypto to your Metamask. On the initial screen go to import tokens. Enter the following addresses under contract token address:

  • Token contract address: 0xde301d6a2569aefcfe271b9d98f318baee1d30a4

When you click “add custom token” and “import token”, LUS token will be displayed on your wallet. 

Step 1: Hover over Trade on the left side and select “Swap.”

Step 2: In the swap box, select BNB and look for LUS. You will need to import Luna Rush token (via coinmarketcap, ensure is the right token address). Click on “Import.”

Step 3: Search for BNB and LUS. Enter the right amount of BNB you wish to swap for LUS and click “Swap.” Then confirm “Swap.”

Voilà! Your LUS just arrived on your Metamask Wallet!

STEP 1 – Sign UP For CEX.IO is a new addition to the list of US-compliant cryptocurrency exchanges. CEX.IO was founded in London in 2014 and supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. CEX.IO has a reputation for good customer service (4.7/5 on trust pilot) and smooth user experience. Also provides competitive trading fees (0.25%). 

CEX.IO provides instant fiat-to-crypto transfers via credit card, debit card, cash deposit (SEPA), ACH, and wire transfers. As well as two trading platforms aimed at beginners and seasoned traders. Identity verification (KYC) is required, however, the process is straightforward and verification happens practically instantly.

To create a CEX.IO account follow these steps:

CEX.IO Sign Up
How to open a CEX.IO Account

Step 2: Fill in your personal information and click “create your account.”

Step 3: You will receive a verification email and code. You can either click on “confirm email” or enter the code to verify your email.

Step 4: Read the terms of use and click on “accept”

Step 5: You will see a welcoming message that says your current limit is 0. Click on “increase limit” (level 1) to be able to deposit $3,000 and withdraw $10,000 daily. 

Step 6: Now you will need to go through the KYC first level to increase your limit. Fill in your country of residence information (including Social Security Number for US residents), phone number (confirm by SMS code) and submit a document to prove your identity.

Note: You can extend your limit even higher ($10,000 daily) by showing proof of address (Level 2). 

Step 7: Done! You will get a confirmation email of successful verification within an hour (it is actually less than an hour, in our case, it was 10-15 minutes).

STEP 2 – Buy BNB on CEX.IO

CEX.IO supports fiat-to-crypto exchanges with a variety of payment options: Credit/Debit cards for quick transactions, Bank Transfers (SEPA & SWIFT), ACH, and even Skrill and Epay.

How to buy BNB on CEX.IO

Step 1: Next to the CEX.IO logo hover over products and select “instant buy” from the menu. Alternatively, just click here and be redirected to the right page. 

Step 2: Choose BNB from the menu in the buy inbox. Then in the inbox, select your fiat currency, input your amount, and hit “Buy.”

Step 3: Select Payment Method (by clicking +Add New Card) or make a deposit first for more options such as domestic bank transfer, international bank transfer, skrill, and epay. Click on “Proceed.”

Step 4: You’re done!

Note: You can add more payment methods (domestic bank transfer, international bank transfer, skrill, and Epay) by first making a deposit (upper right corner button).

Then, follow the same steps above or use the Trade page to place a market or limit order. This alternative is cheaper but slower, whereas the instant buy option allows you to make an instant purchase.

Note: After you finish with these steps get back to PancakeSwap tab

Custodial Fiat-To-Crypto Exchanges (CEX)

A custodial exchange is a centralized exchange that stores and manages your private keys on your behalf. These are alternative fiat-to-crypto options you can use in case you have some issues with the ones presented in the previous sections. 

Binance (Non-US)

Binance, founded in 2017 by Chinese-Canadian developer Changpeng Zhao, has grown to become one of the most popular and leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. It is regarded among the top ten in terms of trust and trade volume, and it provides services in over 140 countries around the world (not including the US). 

Binance offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies (over 387 coins and over 1590 trading pairs) and low trading fees (spot trading fees start at 0.1%).

Binance provides fiat-to-crypto services (card, bank transfer, P2P, and more), as well as spot, margin, futures, staking, liquidity farming, and other services. Binance is a relatively safe, versatile way to invest in and trade crypto.


BitMart is a global cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers in 180+ countries (including the United States) to trade over 1,000 digital currencies and pairs.

BitMart, founded in 2017, offers fiat-to-crypto payments, staking, margin trading, futures, and NFTs. BitMart charges a flat 0.25% fee regardless if you are a maker or taker. KYC Level 1 is required for fiat-to-crypto purchases and Level 2 is needed for trading.

Non-Custodial Fiat-to-Crypto Exchanges

Another option is to use a non-custodial exchange (the exchange does not hold your private key or “password”). If you use a centralized exchange (CEX) like MEXC, you will need to transfer that money to your custodial (exchange wallet).

If you want to use a DEX like PancakeSwap, however, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet (non-custodial wallet) like Metamask to access your funds.

This method requires no registration or KYC and is usually more convenient, but slightly more expensive. 


Changelly is a popular and well-established fiat-to-crypto exchange with the mission of making the exchange process simple for everyone. Changelly has been in operation since 2015 and provides the ability to buy crypto with fiat currency as well as exchange Bitcoin and 200+ altcoins in a fast, simple and secure way. Changelly does not require any registration/KYC.

To buy USDT (in case of CEX) or BNB (in case of DEX) follow the links below:


ChangeNow is a popular and well-established non-custodial service created for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges. ChangeNow has been in operation since 2017 and provides the ability to buy crypto with fiat money as well as exchange more than 350 coins without any limits. ChangeNow does not require any registration or KYC.

To buy USDT (in case of CEX) or BNB (in case of DEX) follow the links below:

STEP 4 (Bonus) – Keep your LUS Safe

Have you heard about Lehman Brothers, Celsius, Voyager, and BlockFi?

What about the most recent? FTX exchange collapse (the next “big short movie?”)

We are talking about people losing retirement savings. People losing pensions. People losing homes. People losing health. People losing faith. People going bankrupt.

Crypto was invented to mitigate these risks (counterparty risk).

Centralized Exchanges (CEX) are the most convenient option for newcomers, but they are also the least secure for keeping your coins safe (you are injecting counterparty risk).

Centralized solutions suffer from corruption, mismanagement, censorship, and fragility (target for both hackers and government litigations).

There is a mantra in the crypto world: “Not your keys, Not your coins.” 

Once you’ve bought your Luna Rush crypto from the chosen exchange, be sure to transfer it to your personal crypto wallet. The safest option is a cold/hardware wallet.

What is a cold/hardware wallet?

A cold/hardware wallet is a physical device or object that does not have an internet connection. A cold wallet stores the keys offline (hacker-proof). Cold/Hardware Wallets are non-custodial wallets (you hold your keys at all times) and are considered the safest option.

The best hardware wallets for Luna Rush (LUS) are:


Hot (online) & Cold (Hardware)

Coins Supported: 54 Blockchains (30k+ Tokens)

Native Support*

User-friendly UX

Air-gapped: 100% offline

Cross-Platform: Mobile, Web Browser + Hardware

Ledger NANO X

Cold (Hardware Wallet)

Coins Supported:
5,500+ Tokens

Up to 100 apps

High Reputation

Bluetooth Connection

Cross-Platform: IOS & Android, Desktop (W, OS, L)

Trezor T
Trezor T Logo

Cold (Hardware Wallet)

Coins Supported: 1800+ Tok

Unlimited Apps & Wallets

High Reputation

Shamir Backup: Safe from theft or destruction.

Cross-Platform: Browser, Desktop (W, OS, L)

*Note: SafePal supports LUS directly. If you prefer Ledger or Trezor, you must pair it with Metamask.

3. Is Luna Rush (LUS) a Good Investment?

Luna Rush (LUS) is a long-term investment with strong fundamentals, a team of skilled Vietnamese game developers, and support from significant blockchain and investing leaders. Its unique gameplay features and ambitious 2022 roadmap promise to make its name in the current play-to-earn trend pioneered by another Vietnamese game, Axie Infinity (2021). 

Luna Rush Price Analysis

The Luna Rush (LUS) ICO (IDO) that took place on Jan 5th-6th was a success, raising $630,000 at a price of $0.060 per LUS. LUS reached its ATH (~$4.92) on Jan 30, 2022, which would have netted an 81.99x ROI (+8,098.9%)

However, the price of luna rush has been severely impacted by the current crypto bear market, falling 99 percent from its current ATH. We believe this is a steal to start accumulating; not even the partners could get a deal this cheap.

LUS Token Utility

LUS is a 350,000,000 pre-mined token, the governance token (use to make decisions) of Luna Rush. The use-cases and utility of LUS include: 

  • Raise Capital: Luna Rush (LUS) secured ~$2M+ from the seed phase and its IDO in Jan 4th-5th. 
  • Governance: Luna Rush (LUS) holders are able to decide on events and situations that occur during the game and shape the development of Luna Rush. 
  • Collateral/Staking: You can stake LUS to expand your energy storage, speed up the match, and more. Staking is now only accessible for VIP slots (as of June 2022), but they will be available soon. 
  • Exchange/Trade: You can trade LUS in several centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). Luna Rush will eventually have their own NFT marketplace where players may trade items, warriors, and land.
  • In-game 
    • Open Gacha: You can open Big Boxes with LUS and receive random virtual warriors and items. 
    • Fusion: You can use the fusion function to create rare and unique warriors with special skills. 
    • Level Up: When leveling up, the player will see 3 random boxes and can choose 1 skill for the warrior to learn. 
    • Land: You can purchase, sell or rent land (6,000 land plots will be available)
    • Guild: Guilds are organizations created by the players to go on special quests that require the efforts of all members. The participants will have access to the Guild Shop with exclusive goods. 

Apart from that, you can join the Luna Rush referral program and get extra Big Boxes to win unique NFTs

* Note: Luna Rush has been audited by Verichains. 


Here are a few critical metrics for Luna Rush (LUS):

Token Type BEP-20 (BNB Smart Chain)
Maximum Token Supply $350,000,000 (350M)
Partnership Sale Token Price  1 LUS = $0.032
Partnership Sale Token Allocation24.5M (7.00% of maximum token supply)
Amount Raised Partnership Sale   $784,000
Private Sale Token Price  1 LUS = $0.04
Private Sale Token Allocation28M (8.00% of Maximum token supply
Amount Raised Private Sale $1,120,000
Public Sale Token Price (IDO)1 LUS = $0.060
Public Sale Token Allocation 10.5M (3.00% of Maximum token supply)
Amount Raised IDO$630,000
Initial Circulating Supply 3,780,000 (1.08%) – Check for current
 Total Token Supply350,000,000 (100%) – Check for updates

Luna Rush (LUS) Supply Distribution

4. Conclusion  

Luna Rush (LUS) is an NFT role-playing game in which female anime warriors fight with colorful effects and unique weaponry in order to rank up and increase their powers. On their website, Luna Rush lists more than 30 partners including X21 Digital, BSCStation, Launch Zone, and Infinity Pad. 

There are three steps (+ bonus) to buy Luna Rush crypto (LUS):

  • STEP 1: Choose a Fiat-to-crypto exchange: Gate.IO (non-US residents), CEX.IO for US residents, or a non-custodial fiat-to-crypto exchange such as Changelly.
  • STEP 2: Buy a Crypto Paired with Luna Rush: Buy USDT for a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Buy BNB for a Decentralized exchange (DEX).
  • STEP 3: Buy Luna Rush (LUS) in a supporting Exchange: Gate.IO (CEX) or PancakeSwap (DEX).
  • STEP 4 (Bonus): Keep your LUS Tokens safe: “Not your keys, Not your coins.” Best hardware wallets for LUS include SafePal, Ledger Nano X, and Trezor T.

Please bear in mind that micro caps ($0-$1M or 0-25BTC market cap) such as LUS are extremely volatile. None can predict the future (who says so is lying to you). Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

6. FAQs

How do I get Luna Rush on Binance?

Binance does not support Luna Rush (LUS). However, if you want to use Binance, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Sign Up for Binance
  • STEP 2: Purchase BNB
  • STEP 3: Transfer BNB to your Wallet (E.g., Metamask)
  • STEP 4: Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap (DEX)
  • STEP 5: Trade BNB for Luna Rush (LUS)

How can I Stake Luna Rush (LUS)?

Currently (June 2022), only VIPs can stake Luna Rush but the team is working to bring that feature to everyone. Follow that link to know how to stake in VIP mode. 

How Much Does Luna Rush cost?

According to Luna Rush developers, you can begin playing with a team of 1-3 heroes at a minimum of 15 LUS apiece, for a total of 45 LUS (~0.377575 USD in June 2022). At its current price, the entry barriers are quite low.

What’s the Recommended Investment to Play Luna Rush?

To get the most out of the game, assemble a squad of 12-15 heroes (180-225 LUS). Luna Rush’s limitations are 15 active heroes per account.

The information provided in this guide is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrencies). 
The author does not currently hold positions in Luna Rush (LUS). 
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Marc Arbonés
Marc is a millennial economist, systems thinker, crypto investor (since 2017), crypto writer, and peak performance consultant. He is the Editor and Founder of Altcoins Mastery, where he supports creators and investors in capitalizing on a "fairer" financial system powered by Crypto, DeFi, and web 3.0.